There are plenty of routines and rituals that make decorating for Christmas an important tradition in many households. Putting up your Christmas decor sets the scene for the coming celebrations and gets everyone in the holiday spirit. Whether you’re a new homeowner sprucing up your space for the first time or a Christmas enthusiast, you’ll want to make sure you have these ten essential decorations for the coming holiday season.

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LED Christmas String Lights

Christmas lights are undoubtedly one of the essential parts of Christmas decorating. Numerous color options are available that can help boost the Christmas spirit within your space- sometimes it’s best to branch out from the traditional white lights! Most string lights are capable of working both indoors and outdoors, making them a flexible must-have decoration.

When illuminating your space, make sure to choose LEDs rather than incandescent lights. LEDs help save electricity, last longer than incandescents, and are typically less expensive. Worried about missing out on the soft white or yellow glow provided by incandescent bulbs? There are many warm white or soft white LED Christmas lights available that can provide your space with this same color. You can check the LED Christmas lights color temperature chart before purchasing to ensure you’re getting the right shade of white.

Christmas Tree and Tree Skirt

A Christmas tree is a must-have for anyone looking to create a festive atmosphere within their space. However, it can often be challenging to choose which tree to purchase. Many families choose to pick out a real tree each Christmas to add a more natural look to their holiday arrangements. However, an artificial tree can stay up for longer and provide a more even and well-organized platform for ornaments.

Artificial trees last for several years, don’t have any needles to clean up, and are easy to take down and put away. Whether you choose to purchase a real tree or an artificial one, you’ll want to add a creatively designed tree skirt to enhance this holiday display. Interested in taking your Christmas tree to the next level? See more tips and tricks on how to properly decorate a Christmas tree.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are sure to brighten up your space and work great on doors, in hallways, and over the mantlepiece. A pre-lit wreath is an easy way to illuminate almost any room in the house and is typically available to hang right out of the box. A wreath is also an easy way to bring the festive spirit to offices or other commercial spaces. Add on a gold or red bow to create a traditional, beautiful Christmas display.

Festive Garland

Stairways, fireplaces, and archways are all great spots for decorating with garland. Door frames, windows, and kitchen cabinets are also popular spots, and can help give your space a cozy holiday atmosphere. There are plenty of classic additions to garland that can help turn it into an outstanding feature of your home during the holiday season. Interweave string lights with your garland, add a few small ornaments, and tie on a bow that can serve as a centerpiece for the greenery.

christmas decoration essentials lights poinsettias ornaments

Poinsettia Plants

Poinsettia is a bright red and green plant from central and south America commonly associated with Christmas. These plants can bring color to your decorations in any room of the house and require minimal maintenance. Proper care of these plants will allow you to keep them as decorative fixtures for several years at a time. If you have dogs or cats, be careful when decorating with poinsettias- these plants can be particularly toxic when ingested by pets.

Christmas Bow

A holiday-themed bow can boost your other Christmas decorations and add a neat touch to any display. A gold or silver Christmas bow is a popular addition to a garland or other Christmas greenery and will catch the attention of your holiday guests. Red bows, by contrast, are fashionable additions to Christmas trees, mantle decorations, or window displays. Christmas bows are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes, so you’ll always be able to mix and match them with your other favorite Christmas products.


Putting up the ornaments on the Christmas tree is a family ritual for many people and often completes your holiday decorations. The sheer variety of ornament designs makes decorating the tree one of the most creative parts of Christmastime, and making ornaments yourself is an essential holiday arts-and-crafts experience. Many travel destinations offer Christmas ornaments as memorabilia- make sure to pick one up on your next trip! If you’re looking to decorate a tree in a commercial space, or if you want to decorate your tree with a more organized layout, you may want to look into simple combinations with red, gold, or silver pre-wired tree ornaments.


For families with younger children, stockings are a must have Christmas decoration that gives everyone the opportunity to share a few smaller gifts. However, stockings are great for decorating even if you’re not hosting kids at your Christmas gathering this year. For many, the Christmas decorations wouldn’t be complete without setting out a few stockings by the chimney.

Scented Candles

Use pine-scented candles to improve the holiday atmosphere in your home this season. If you have an artificial Christmas tree, these candles can help restore the natural scents associated with a real Christmas tree. There are all kinds of wonderful holiday aromas captured through a candle scent, whether you want to the fragrance of cookies, apple cinnamon, or other baked goodies. Candles can also help make your home more relaxing, improve your mood, and may even help you sleep.


A nutcracker is one of the easiest ways to add a more traditional feel to your Christmas decorations. Nutcrackers originally came from Germany but are now famous throughout the globe as a result of the Nutcracker Ballet. Most nutcrackers are stand-alone decorations, but many tree ornaments utilize this design to great effect. There are also many hard-carved options available that can add an artistic flair to your space.

Where Can I Buy Christmas Decorations?

Whether you’re looking for twinkly pro lights, tree ornaments, or a new pre-lit Christmas wreath, you’ll want to make sure your decorations provider offers reputable, high-quality products with a variety of color and light options. There are many benefits to picking up decorations well in advance of the holidays, which makes now the perfect time to check and see what Christmas essentials you’re missing.

Christmas Designers is happy to provide many of these must-have Christmas decorations, and is a great place to start when planning your indoor and outdoor holiday displays. If you are a Christmas enthusiast, it’s never too early to get started on choosing your decorations for the upcoming season.

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