It was 4 years ago at the Christmasworld Expo in Frankfurt Germany that we came across Fairybell Trees for the first time. Marcel van Braak, the owner of Fairybell, immediately captured our attention with his unique product design and attention to detail. These trees were very different from the Chinese made tree of lights that we had previously seen. The European design and manufacturing was clear from the beginning. It was a more refined product that what we find from the factories in China. Marcel did a great job of creating a product that was affordable, yet would hold up to the standards we look for in a commercial-grade product. We knew immediately this was a perfect tree to add to our product offering, not only our commercial customers and professional installers, but also our residential customers that are looking for cost-effective exterior trees for their homes. One of the features that makes the Fairybell Tree unique is the high strength webbing that the lights attach to. These hold up extremely well in even the harshest weather conditions. But of course a tree of lights isn’t just about the quality of the support material. The heart of the tree is the actual lights. The 5mm Conical commercial grade LED lights used in the Fairybell Tree are designed for even the most demanding applications. Each powerful LED emits more than enough light to allow for the tree to be visible from a quarter mile away. In addition to the innovative webbing and lighting system, the design of the Fairybell Tree allows for quick installation and takedown and everything packs away neatly back in the original product box. Whether you’re looking for a simple front door tree, a mega 33’ flagpole tree, or something in between, Fairybell has some great options to easily add a tree of lights to your holiday lighting program.