Are you looking to create a colorful, interactive, and truly unique holiday display this year? If so, then look no further than our line of Twinkly Home products. These innovative LED Christmas lights sync up with your smartphone to allow you to design and upload custom effects and patterns to wow your friends and family this Christmas. We've welcomed four new Twinkly Home products to our webstore for the 2021 holiday season. Let's take a closer look at the Twinkly Line, Flex, Light Tree and Cluster Lights to better understand their features. We're also sharing our honest reviews about each item and exploring which products are the best for holiday gifting.

What are Twinkly Home Lights?

Your first purchase of Twinkly Home is a welcome package into the world of smart home lighting. Twinkly Home RGB Christmas lights will bring your holiday to life with animated effects and patterns that you control. These high-quality LED lights are easy to connect to your Wi-Fi network and can then be easily controlled with your smartphone. You can even sync your Christmas lights effects with music to create a truly immersive holiday display.

new Twinkly products for ChristmasLet's take a look at what's new on our webstore this season with Twinkly Home:

Twinkly Line – A Customizable RGB Strip Light

For all those straight edges in your home, the Twinkly RGB Light Line is perfect. This smart LED strip light is ideal for railings, countertops, or behind cabinets. Whether hidden or in plain sight, the Twinkly Line provides a unique and creative lighting design for your home or office. Since you can easily control this LED light strip with your Twinkly Home App, you can animate the lights with your favorite effects.

Twinkly RGB Light Line features:

  • Generation II Twinkly technology. Wi-Fi compatible.
  • UL rated for indoor use.
  • 16 million colors, countless effects and combinations. Easily adjust the brightness, tints, and shades.

twinkly lineOur Review of the Twinkly Line:

Twinkly Line is an excellent product for highlighting indoor areas like work spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, and entertainment areas. Like a linear light trail, the Line helps show off angles and architecture, so we love this product as an accent for statement doorways, wall cut-outs, furniture.

With a rounded face and flat, adhesive back, the Line measures almost five feet long, giving you a great length for decorating. Even better, once you buy the starter kit (with a controller), you can buy Twinkly Line extension kits that connect to lengthen your line. The extension kit saves you money because when you are simply adding length, you don’t need additional controllers or hardware.

Twinkly Line is an outstanding choice as a holiday gift idea because of its introductory price point and easy set up. The recipient simply needs a smart phone. Nearly everyone has a bedroom, workspace or indoor area that would be enhanced by the beauty of the Line and its impressive features, so it makes sense to consider gifting them with a Twinkly Line. As you can customize the light colors and effects, the Line is a personal, thoughtful and exciting Christmas present that anyone would love to play with.

The Line glides around the corners of shelves, desks and furniture with an easy, flush fit. While the Line has a malleable front/back bend to it, it isn’t anywhere as flexible as the smooth, rounded Flex. But the light is overall brighter, producing more “flare” against the walls and surfaces that hit the light. One drawback to the Line is that it's indoor-rated only, so your decoration opportunities are limited to interior spaces.

Twinkly Flex – A Flexible Tube of RGB Light That You Can Shape

Take control of your Christmas lights this year with the new Twinkly RGB Light Flex. This LED tube light is flexible so it will fit to any piece of furniture or feature in your home, office, or even your dorm room. Design the Twinkly Flex in any shape you want to create a truly unique holiday lighting display. Let your creativity rule with Twinkly RGB Light Flex.

Twinkly RGB Light Flex features:

  • Generation II Twinkly technology. Wi-Fi compatible.
  • UL rated for indoor use only.
  • 16 million colors, countless effects and combinations. Easily adjust the brightness, tints, and shades.
  • Power cord, plug, and mounting clips included.

twinkly flexOur Review of the Twinkly Flex:

This bendable tube of RGB light looks like a neon tube, but so much better because it’s flexible. The ability to shape it into anything you want gives you a level of design and control with your lighting. The Flex offers smooth lighting throughout the body of the tube, but you can use the animation gallery in the app to add effects that drive your design to another level.

The Flex has sticky backing that helps keep it in place, so you can put it on the wall, doorway, mantle or surface that you want. We recommend thinking through the design that you want to create with your Flex before creating your shape and anchoring it with the sticky tape. We noticed that once you bend it in place, it can be a bit challenging to adjust the bends or reuse the sticky tape. Also, be aware that the Flex is rated for indoor-use only.

Twinkly Flex is a product we highly recommend for holiday gifting. Twinkly Home products are designed for easy installation and use, making this a wonderful gift idea for kids with smart phones and adults with a sense of fun. The ability to customize the shape, color and animation of the tube means that the Flex can be personalized with any kind of design, including a monogram, name, logo, favorite food, animal, shape or an emoji.

Twinkly RGB Cluster Lights – Scattered Line Lighting

Go bold this holiday season with strings of Twinkly RGB Cluster Lights. These lights sets combine 400 bright and colorful RGB lights that can be used in a variety of settings and spaces. With the Wi-Fi controller and a state-of-the-art Twinkly Home smartphone app, you can effortlessly control your cluster lights to create dazzling animations and effects. Even better, Twinkly RGB Cluster Lights aren’t just for Christmas. With so many different colors and effects, these cluster lights are ideal for Halloween displays, birthday parties, and any celebration that needs more color and creativity.

Twinkly RGB Cluster Lights feature:

  • Generation II Twinkly technology. Wi-Fi compatibility.
  • UL rated for indoor and outdoor usage
  • 16 million colors and even more combinations. Effortlessly adjust the brightness, shades, and tints.

twinkly cluster lightsOur Review of the Twinkly Cluster Lights:

The Twinkly Clusters are a stunning addition to bedrooms and office areas. Our customer success team members have loved stringing the Cluster lights around their work spaces, where they can enjoy a colorful light show around the computers and shelves. Clusters scatter the light in random placements along the line, creating a more wispy, elegant look than a single string. For certain applications, a single string of light creates a weak or unfinished look when wrapped by itself. The zig-zag pattern created by cluster lights produces a richer, fuller line that takes your display to the perfect level.

The cluster lights gather the bulbs close to the string. Therefore, they may not be an ideal product for Christmas trees, bushes, tree wraps or surfaces where you might want more evenly lit look.

Twinkly Light Tree – A Pop-Up RGB Tree, Minus the Tree

Bring your Christmas tree decorations into the 21st century with the new Twinkly Light Tree. Available in four different sizes (6.5’, 9.8’, 13’, 19.5’), this flagpole tree brings eye-catching RGB technology into your home or office. Control your Twinkly Light Tree with the easy-to-use Twinkly Home app and bring this tree to life with custom lighting effects. You can even sync this Christmas tree to your favorite music for a truly unique experience.

Twinkly Light Tree features:

  • Generation II Twinkly technology. Wi-Fi compatible.
  • UL rated for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • 16 million colors and countless combinations. Easily adjust the brightness, tints, and shades.

twinkly light treeOur Review of the Twinkly Light Tree:

The Twinkly Light Tree is absolutely amazing. In fact, it may even be a little too amazing… we sold out of several sizes of Twinkly Light Trees after only a few weeks. This is clearly a sought-after product for Twinkly fans, and for good reason. The 6.5’ Twinkly Light Tree took us only 15-30 minutes to set up and map with our Twinkly app. It’s remarkably easy to install, and very impressive as a front yard accessory.

Any cons? Well, the tree is installed with stakes, so you can only set up the Twinkly Light Tree on lawns and soft ground, limiting your options for a display area. It’s not possible to set up the tree indoors, and we wouldn’t recommend that anyways. Small kids and pets could get tangled up in the sturdy yet delicate light netting that wraps around the frame. The design lets you see through to the back of the tree, so know that certain effects and animations look different on the Light Tree than they do on a traditional Twinkly Christmas tree. Be prepared to ask for help from a partner when installing trees larger than 9’ tall.

Overall, we were dazzled by the Twinkly Light Tree’s appearance and performance, and recommend adding one to your Christmas display (if you can get your hands on one!).

Benefits of Twinkly Home Lights

Why are so many people upgrading to Twinkly Home lights to bring their holiday displays to life? Well, just take a look at some of the top benefits of Twinkly Home lights:

  1. Automated light mapping: with the 2D/3D smartphone camera mapping feature, you can easily design your own Twinkly Home effects. With just a few clicks, craft a pro-grade holiday display in your home or office.
  2. Addressable LED lights: Twinkly Home lights offer a wide selection of different LED Christmas lights to suit your style and taste.
  3. Multiple connectivity options: easily link up your Twinkly Home lights with a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or ethernet cable connection.
  4. Customize your effects: using the Twinkly Home effect import tool, you can choose, edit, and create your own personalized effects to create a truly unique display this season.

Twinkly Home 2021: What Are You Taking Home This Holiday Season?

We’re hard at work to help you create the brightest Christmas display yet this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for Twinkly Home products, Twinkly Pro lights, commercial Christmas trees, or any other type of holiday décor, we’ve got what you need with a huge inventory and competitive pricing.

If you’re looking for more holiday decorating tips, come check out our Twinkly Home YouTube channel that we’re continually updating with creative ideas and pro decorating tips. You can also reach out to our team of experts at with any questions. Together, let’s make this the greatest holiday season yet.