It has been a long wait for Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas lights to finally make it to the market. It was over 3 years ago when we first heard about Twinkly Pro and ever since that first introduction to the technology, we’ve been captivated by the possibilities of this revolutionary animated Christmas lighting system. But like with any complex product development, it took a number of revisions and several years of testing before it was finally ready for the demanding Christmas enthusiast and Pro Christmas markets.

After years of waiting, we’re finally able to offer Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas lights to our customers. This is the first truly professional-grade animated lighting solution that allows you to map and program your Christmas lights through a simple to use, yet very power app. No more tedious and complicated lighting and programming to achieve the animated look you desire. And thanks to the built-in soundboard, your lights will even respond to external interaction such as clapping, singing or music. This allows for a truly interactive lighting system.

For a quick overview of Twinkly Pro lights in action as well as the incredible power of the Twinkly app, take a look at the video below.


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