Christmas greenery is the canvas of the holiday decoration world. While tech developments continue to unfold in the holiday lighting sector, the reliable presence of decorations including wreaths, garlands, sprays and trees have been a part of holiday traditions for centuries. Whether Christmas evergreens are hung outdoors or inside, the green foliage provides a sense of warm comfort, nostalgic memories and winter traditions with a classic holiday essence. Best of all, Christmas greens prepare any surface for ornament and light coverage, opening opportunities to decorate bannisters, walls, buildings, gates, and so much more.

Go with Pro-Grade Artificial Wreaths, Garlands and Sprays

examples of commercial christmas wreaths and garlands


Commercial artificial greenery will last through many seasons and provide years of enjoyment, surviving weather abuse and the whims of your wildest imagination. Think of it as a base that you can dress up with any decoration scheme for any season, Christmas or beyond. Whether you want to add classy neutral ornaments and bows, glittering orbs and textures that catch the light, or pops of color, your decorated greenery has the power to impact the entire room or building where it hangs.

Created with pro-grade quality and materials, our faux Christmas greenery is designed for decorators of all kinds, from the beginner Christmas decorator to the pro-installer. We believe that everyone desires a full, exquisite experience from their wreaths and garlands. After all, nobody likes cleaning up the huge mess of artificial pine needles left behind by cheap, big-box retail greenery. When you’re ready to invest in quality, realistic greenery pieces like our commercial wreaths and garlands, there are a lot of important decisions to make. We’re here to help you choose the best pieces for your space with this helpful guide.

Commercial Christmas Greenery Products

greenery types and categories



As one of the most traditional Christmas decorations, wreaths arrange the evergreens into a ring. Use them to adorn entryways such as doors, neighborhood and HOA entrances, businesses, archways, poles and windows. Wreaths are a very popular decoration for mantles, whether they’re hung or leaned against the wall.


This long, lean strand of evergreen is constructed with a flexible spine, allowing you to wrap the garland in a spiral around stairways, columns, and poles. Hang garlands across mantles and around doorways to accent the beautiful corners and compliment matching wreaths. For a showstopping look, chain several pieces of garland together to create a long, decorative arrangement that flows across the length of the room.


Like a burst of greenery, sprays group the greenery together in a bouquet shape. We love seeing sprays in pairs where they can frame doors, Christmas trees and other central design elements. Another popular look is to line several sprays in a row along hallways or poles. You can use sprays as a table centerpiece since they look great when laid flat, but we always hang them with the tips pointing down. Sprays add the perfect touch of Christmas to just about anything you put them on.

Types of Artificial Christmas Greenery

types of christmas greenery mixed pine oregon fir

Deluxe Oregon Fir

With luscious, realistic foliage in a hearty green hue, the deluxe Oregon fir has flexible yet sturdy tips to hold large decorative elements and show off bright lights.

Mixed Pine

Fluffy and full like the Oregon Fir, the Mixed Pine has a slightly more natural and textured appearance, and features pinecones scattered along the greens.

Wreath and Garland Sizes


Wreaths look nice and full when the width covers 50% or more of the display area width. This is a good rule of thumb for mantles and entry ways. Leave several inches of empty space on each side of the wreath when hanging it on a door so it doesn't hit the frame. Large walls, gates, oversized doors and buildings can be a bit more subjective. If you’ve taken measurements and are deciding between sizes, we always advise choosing the bigger option. Nobody is ever disappointed by a huge, show-stopping mega wreath!


different wreath sizes available


24”-30”: recommended for average door

36”: oversized door

48”-60”: walls with high ceilings, above mantels

60”-144”: exterior of homes and businesses, interior of lobbies, malls, airports, and other big-impact, high-traffic areas


We offer two thicknesses (14” and 18”) and two lengths (4.5’x9’).

14” thick: we recommend this size for thinner poles and indoor use.

18” thick: recommended for banisters and columns for a more robust appearance. The 18” width will hold more lights and decorations, and sit thicker along the application area, so it’s more ideal for outdoor use.

4.5’ long: a great length for single doors, mantles (won’t hang down the sides)

9’ long: use this length for double doors, mantles (hangs down the sides), stair bannisters, and building columns. This is a great length for draping, so get creative with your hanging opportunities.


Length: 44”

Decoration and Accent Options for Wreaths, Garlands and Sprays

Though decorators are constantly inventing clever new ideas for  greenery adornments, the classic elements usually include Christmas lights and ornaments. Other foliage such as flowers, glittering leaves, pinecones and berries add texture and personality that can help tie your greenery into the season, even if it isn’t Christmas time.

Pre-Decorated Ornament Packages

If you prefer a blank canvas, some wreaths come unlit and/or undecorated, ready for your personal touch. But pre-decorated wreaths and garlands are shipped with lights and ornaments assembled. All you have to do is fluff and hang.

pre decorated wreath packages

  • Traditional: with a halo of golden leaves scattered throughout, this style features a classic Christmas color palette in a variety of sizes in shiny, glitter and matte finishes.
  • Colors of the Holidays: this style features round ornaments in green, gold and red. Arranged in a variety of sizes in shiny, glitter and matte finishes.
  • Elegant Poinsettia: featuring the Colors of the Holidays ornament color scheme, the Elegant Poinsettia theme introduces rich, glittering red florals scattered along the greenery.
  • Blue & Silver: cool, modern and with the essence of winter, the blue and silver color utilizes a variety of ornament sizes and finishes.
  • Red & Gold: cheery and warm, this elegant color theme uses ornaments in a variety of sizes in shiny, glitter and matte finishes.
  • Red & Silver: symbolic and subdued, this elegant color theme arranges ornaments in a variety of sizes in shiny, glitter and matte finishes.

Christmas Lights

We use LED lights that utilize a one-piece construction technique, preventing moisture and damage from entering the bulb. Rated for 100k hours of use.

  • 5mm wide angle conical LED lights: offered in combinations of pure white, warm white, red, green and multi color.
  • Twinkly Pro: Twinkly Pro wreaths and Twinkly Pro garlands offer the most creative and exciting decorating experience. With up to 16 million light color combinations, Twinkly PRO smart lights can customize the look of your wreath to match any decoration scheme you can think of.

twinkly wreath and garland variances

Christmas Bows

Serving as a focal anchor point with a pop of color and shimmer, a large decorative bow ties the look of your decoration scheme together.

  • Red
  • Red with gold trim
  • Gold
  • Silver

Seasonal Decorations for Wreaths and Garlands: Beyond Christmas

We've got you covered with Christmas styles and ornament options, but don't pack away your greenery after the holiday is over. Consider giving your greenery a seasonal update with your favorite accents.

greenery decorations for non christmas holidays


  • Spring: popular accents for spring greenery include bright, cheery pastel colors, feathers, ribbons, Easter eggs, and of course, florals
  • Summer: from Memorial Day to Fourth of July, patriotic holidays give the perfect reason to decorate wreaths and garlands with red, white and blue. Twinkly greenery gives you the power to produce any color scheme you can think of. Exciting color ideas include summer blues, light and airy neutrals, and neon-colored adornments.
  • Fall: think pinecones, tiny pumpkins, twigs and branches, and crisp orange accents. Glittery baubles that shimmer and catch the light are particularly beautiful in the sunlight and with pre-lit foliage.

Pro-grade Christmas greenery offers a more realistic appearance, less mess, and longer durability than your typical retail supplies. We’re excited to see what you can do with your wreaths, garlands and sprays this season, so be sure you're stocked up this season. Share your wreath and garland pictures on Facebook or Instagram with the tag @ChristmasDesigners so we can see your work! Our team is always happy to help you find the best products for your Christmas decorations, so contact us for your greenery projects or product questions.