What type of Christmas tree decorator are you? Does your tree reflect your personality? Maybe you match it to the decor in your home? Or maybe you go for a specific theme? Through the years the style of the Christmas trees has changed with the times and culture from a traditionally tinsel dripped creation with bold bulb lights, to something that's a personal work of art for each family. Take a look at these Christmas tree categories and decide if you fall into one or if your holiday style is in a league of its own!


If you are a fan of the classic and timeless style, you probably have a traditional Christmas tree. This look features common holiday colors, matching sets of ornaments, and full branches. Usually, the tree is tall and medium-bodied with a common and "perfect" shape.  Ribbons are often run through the branches of the traditional Christmas tree and they are encompassed by a tree skirt.

Traditional Christmas Tree


You fall into this category if you're not one to knock the traditional tree look, but you're also all about staying on-trend. The modern Christmas tree mirrors the shape and color-coordinated look of the traditional style, but the colors are updated and ornaments are often a bit more uniquely shaped. The modern tree tends to be slightly less crowded and often features a more subtle color or even a monochromatic style. The modern tree is usually trimmed with a tree skirt but of a more whimsical variety, such as a furry or glittery skirt.

Modern Christmas Tree



The Minimal tree features a look inspired by simplistic Scandinavian design. The Minimal tree itself often had a shorter, wider shape and the branches are thin and sparse. Ornaments are sparse as well, these trees are quite uncrowded and feature very few colors. Black and white ornaments, paper and wood items, and clean tree skirts are common.

Minimal Christmaas Tree



For those of you who completely and totally relate to the Christmas stylings of Whoville, you likely fall into the whimsical tree decorator category. Whatchamajiggers and doohickies abound on the whimsical tree! You get creative—pipe cleaners, pompoms, yarn, candy, you name it, it's a tree ornament. A sure way to identify the whimsical Christmas tree is by the fact that a lot of things are probably sticking out of it. It may have a slightly "electrocuted" look...but in a good way. To heck with traditional hues, bright and uncommon colors, and a given for this style.

Whimsical Christmas Tree



If you are an off-beat holiday decorator... you know who you are. But so does everyone else because this style is unmistakable. It's not even clear that you are decorating for Christmas with the exception that you decorated a Christmas tree during Christmas time. This is not to say you are doing it wrong, you're just doing it totally different than everyone else and we applaud that. In this category, you are going to see colors that are not only "non-traditional" but are border-line anti-Christmas. And you will see themes that well...don't usually have anything to do with Christmas either. Lastly, the off-beat tree may not be a tree at all, but a selection of items shaped into a tree. Just take a look.

Off-Beat Christmas Tree



The over the top Christmas tree decorator is the polar opposite of the off-beat decorator. With you Christmas-crazed stylist it is crystal clear what holiday it is. You are the "go big or go home" types when it comes to the holidays. What to look for: extra extra large ornaments, extreme opulence, decor that goes beyond the tree (like trees surrounded by model trains and mini Christmas villages). What NOT to look for: space for another ornament.

Over-The-Top Christmas Tree

Which of these categories do you fall into!?