Are you shopping for commercial Christmas trees for this holiday season? If so, you probably already know that you have plenty of choices - too many choices, you might already have decided. But even if you've been somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer number of trees on the market, we recommend that you add one more to your list for consideration: our Majestic Mountain Pine commercial Christmas tree. Majestic Mountain Pine Commercial Christmas Trees

Sure, We'd Like to Make a Sale…

We're in the business of selling Christmas lights and décor, including commercial Christmas trees. So, of course, we want to sell our products. But we also want happy, satisfied customers, the kind of customers that come back year after year. We want the kind of customers that will come back to us for their next tree after the one we sell to them now is finally retired a few decades down the road. The only way to cultivate and keep those kinds of customers - the customers that provide the long-term foundational bedrock of any successful business - is to provide great service and sell top-quality products. So that's exactly what we do. One of those top-quality products that we sell is our Majestic Mountain Pine commercial Christmas tree. That's why we're asking you to add this tree to your prospect list if you're shopping for a commercial tree. And here's why...

If You're Not Careful, You'll End Up with Garbage

To be quite blunt, there's a lot of garbage on the market posing as commercial Christmas trees. Not surprising, really. The same can be said for most of the products we sell, including Christmas lights. But commercial Christmas trees are expensive items. If you drop a few thousand, or more, on a tree that turns out to be a dud - that's going to hurt a lot more than just buying a bad string of Christmas lights. So here are some of the features offered by our Majestic Mountain Pine tree. Study this list carefully, because these are features you definitely want on the tree you decide to buy. And these are features that many trees on the market simply do NOT provide:
  • Easy, Fast Assembly. The entire tree can be built with just a few basic hand tools. Assembly instructions are clear and logical; the frame even features color-coded markings to show you where the various frame pieces join together. (View the video below to see just how easy it is to assemble this tree!)
  • Pre-Lit Branches. You don't want to have to assemble a gigantic Christmas tree, and then have to string lights on it. (And then painstakingly remove all those lights when the tree comes down!) All the foliage of this tree is pre-lit; all you have to do is plug in the branch's cord to the waiting receptacle on the mainframe when you insert the branch into its slot.
  • Frame Designed for Strength. The frame of this tree consists of concentric steel rings, each ring 2 feet high. Many trees on the market use 3-foot rings. But 2-foot rings are substantially stronger and also easier to handle and store.
  • No Special Hardware Needed. What happens if you lose some of the hardware used in assembling the tree? (And let's be real: that IS going to happen after 5, 10, or 15 years of assembling/disassembling the tree!). You simply make a quick trip to the neighborhood hardware store. Because nothing but standard hardware is used in assembling this tree. And that's why there are no special tools that you'll need to worry about losing, either.
  • Easy, Efficient Storage. Let's face it: Most of the year, your tree is going to be in storage. So it's important that any tree you purchase stores well - a criterion that many people overlook when shopping for a tree. When disassembled, all components of this tree's frame nest tightly together for compact, efficient storage.
  • Easy Serviceability. The Majestic Mountain Pine is designed for commercial use. Yes, it’s beautiful and will capture the attention of anyone who passes gazes upon it. But at its core is a tree that is designed with simplicity in mind. Don’t let the visual aesthetics fool you, a peek behind the branches reveals a tree that is designed for easy serviceability. Every component, branch, light set, and connector can be replaced with easy to acquire parts. The tree is designed for long term use, but from time to time, parts do need to be replaced as they age. With proper care, you’ll have a tree that will still be going strong a decade after it was first put up.

And the Most Important Feature?

Jaw-dropping beauty. A spectacular, stately spectacle that will make people pause for a moment just to soak in the sight. An eye-catching homage to the holiday that will make people say "wow!" That's why you want a commercial Christmas tree, right? All of the features listed above are of crucial importance. But most importantly, the tree's gotta look good. And this tree does. For as long as we’ve been selling it, this tree has to lead the market in appearance. No other commercial Christmas tree can beat the beauty of the Majestic Mountain Pine, and few can even match it. So if you're shopping for a commercial Christmas tree, you've got a weighty decision to make. And you probably have lots of choices to wade through. We've just added another one to your list. But in reality, I think we've probably just made your decision much, much easier. Ornaments on a Majestic Mountain Pine Commercial Christmas Tree