Your backyard is the outdoor spot that you call your own. It’s where you make memories with your kids, share tasty meals with friends and family, or escape to find tranquility. If you’re spending quality time in your backyard, why not turn it into a space that shines evening and night? From glowing branches that reach for the stars to pathway lights that brighten the way beneath your feet, these backyard lighting ideas will transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary.

backyard lightingWe’ve filled this article with ideas that use the brilliance of LED Christmas lights for transforming your outdoor space into a slice of paradise. Read on to discover the ways you can use these not-just-seasonal lights to bring brightness to the summer nights in your backyard.

Time for Your Backyard Glow-Up

A well-lit area means that good times outdoors can last until late. But the luminescence of lights aren’t just about seeing what you’re doing—they’re also about highlighting the beauty of your backyard. LED Christmas lights are special in that they can enhance the appearance of the objects and structures they cover. These backyard lighting ideas have the power to impress all those who see your sanctuary.

Arrangements Just Right for Your Backyard

Below we’ll explore the arrangements for backyard lighting central to any decorating plan you put together. Each of the decoration types here will get along with each other nicely in most combinations as long as you harmonize your choices of bulbs, colors, and line. After covering these arrangement types, we’ll then check out compelling complements to the main arrangements.

Hanging Lights

As striking as they are classic, hanging lights hold the promise of sheer versatility. They can be attached to just about anything that stands tall enough: trees, posts, poles, and the edges of larger structures such as decks, outbuildings, and even your house. When it comes to this arrangement, you’re only limited by your imagination!

hanging lights backyardFor the classic look, we recommend using base cord along with bulbs that match the motif, such as G50 or S14 bulbs. But maybe you want a twist on this classic? Then hang up Twinkly Festoon lights and marvel at the evolution of color-shifting lights.

Tree Wraps

Whether it’s yuletide or summertime, tree wraps stay in style. They’re a go-to in our list of backyard lighting ideas because they easily brighten your outdoor space while beautifying your backyard like no other.

The best lights for tree wraps and other outdoor foliage are 5MM wide angle conicals, M5 mini lights, and C6 bulbs. We explain why these types of lights are perfect for your outdoor plants here.

Wanting something different for your summertime tree wraps instead? Elevate the atmosphere with Twinkly Pro smart lights. Cast your back yard in any color you choose, perfect for holidays and events where coordination counts.

color changing lights on treeAnd if you haven’t already, make your life easier and give TreE-Z Wraps a try. They’re a convenient solution for wrapping your trees that will save you time and energy. And they might just change the way you decorate your trees forever!

Tree Branch Lighting

The branches of your trees are open canvases for some of the most eye-catching backyard lighting ideas. If you don’t usually wrap your branches, summer might be prime time to give this avenue of decorating a try.

Wrap the light line around the branches as you would the trunk of the tree (TreE-Z Wraps can be used on branches, too). Let some length of light line hang during the wrapping to double it back up for a cascading effect. Or aim for movement in your arrangement with a meteor shower style—all while using high quality material like C9 base cord and LED Snowfall Tubes.

Bushes, Hedges, and Other Plants

With the trees wrapped, your bushes, hedges, and other outdoor plants also deserve attention. Lighting outdoor plants can take the look of your landscaping to a whole new level. And this type of lighting will also tie your backyard decorating together into a unified arrangement.

backyard foliage lightingWe recommend hand lighting your outdoor greenery in most cases. However, Christmas net lighting can be a suitable option if your outdoor plants are square in shape or evenly proportioned. Find out more in our detailed breakdown.

Pergola Lighting

You have a number of options for turning your pergola into the jewel of your backyard. Wrap string lights around the perimeter of the pergola’s outer roofing grid, or light all of its rafters. Wrap only the columns, or wrap columns and rafters alike. Classic C6 or G30 lights are tasteful choices for any pergola, or clusters for more shine. But if you’re looking for the pop of dynamic lighting, try slow fade wide angle conicals or Twinkly Festoon.

pergola lightingA couple other ideas: set up hanging lights between the columns or between the rafters for timeless illumination, or put up icicle lights around the outer perimeter of the roofing grid to create shimmering veils. Many of the above types of lighting, from string lights to icicle lights, look great together in varying combos.

Pathway Lights

Light the way around your yard! Christmas lights make bright paths that’ll leave your backyard shining. Guests will be impressed with the glow that precedes them wherever they go in your backyard, and they’ll navigate your outdoor space at night without stumbling off the beaten path.

Unlike traditional landscape lights, using LED Christmas lighting as pathway lights sets up coordination with your tree wraps, hanging lights, and deck lighting. Bulbs that are optimal for path lighting are G50 and C9 bulbs.

Christmas lights with yard stakes are also great for making trails, even without designated paths. Simply set up your stake lights and string lights in parallel orientation around your backyard, and let the lights be your guide to a special backyard destination of your liking. Get in touch with our tutorial and you’ll be installing this special spin on pathway lights like a pro.

Arbor & Entryway Lights

An arbor adorned with lighting brings a unique beauty to any backyard. They have varying construction, such as separated posts or posts with lattice linked between. String lights complement the form of arbor built from separated posts, while cluster lights are a feast for the eyes when laced through lattice.

Alternatively, you can hang icicle lights from the arches or beams of the arbor to create a shimmering curtain. Also consider icicle lights for creating magical entryways that lead to your backyard, setting the tone for the dazzling backyard sanctuary ahead.

Accompanying Arrangements

Some backyard lighting ideas add a splash of light or emphasis rather than steal the show. When applied in alignment with your primary arrangements, these accompaniments can round out the look to your backyard sanctuary if it’s missing that special something.

Hanging Decorations

Hanging decorations provide more possibilities for creating an appealing outdoor space. Three excellent choices for these decorations are LED spheres, foldable light spheres and twinkle starbursts. Consider hanging one or a cluster of spheres from branches that are just the right height. Or with a pergola and table under it, hang a starburst above the table to fashion a sparkling chandelier.

Enchanted Lawn

The last of our backyard lighting ideas is one that you might not be familiar with at all, but is surprisingly simple and imaginative: lights arranged neatly on a patch of your lawn. To maximize this arrangement, go beyond singular color lights with Twinkly RGB smart lights. You’ll have a mesmerizing sea of colors that displays every hue of the rainbow and more!

lawn lightingAnd keep an eye out for Twinkly’s new line of products coming later this summer: Twinkly Plus. These lights will have an improved waterproof rating of IP65 and better outdoor integrity for permanent installs.

Incorporate any mix of these backyard lighting ideas to make the moments in your outdoor space merry and bright—even during the hottest months of the year. If you have questions on these installs and others, we have answers. Start the conversation at or call 1-800-391-5280. We’re ready to talk plans for your next lighting arrangement!