When Santa Claus goes for a stroll among the fabulous ice formations near the waters of the North Pole, he doesn’t see much of our traditional red, green and gold Christmas colors.

What he does see is a lot of glistening silver and blue…the colors of nature in his neighborhood.

blue and silver christmas lights and decorations

Red, green and gold are beautiful colors that have defined Christmas decorations for centuries, but there’s really something to be said about the beauty of a simple blue and white Christmas theme, especially when it comes to lit holiday décor.

And beyond that, wintery blue and silver Christmas decorations offer a combination packed with meaning.

blue and white christmas displays

Religious Meanings of Blue, White and Silver Decorations

In Christian tradition, blue is a color that has long been associated with Jesus’ blessed mother, Mary. And “Blue Christmas” isn’t just the name of an Elvis song, it’s a name given to the longest day of the Advent Season, on which various Christian denominations hold special services.

In the Jewish faith, silver and blue decorations have become very popular as Hanukkah décor, because they reflect the blue and white Israeli flag. It’s also a combination that lends itself well to a glistening Star of David. And children love to see bright white bulbs light up on a menorah in celebration of the Festival of Lights.

blue white and silver Hanukkah decorations

Star of David Pole Mount, Happy Hannukah Sign, Star of David LED Sign

Mix Winter Whites with Blue for Snow and Ice Decorations

For those celebrating from a secular point of view, blue and white are traditional symbols of winter weather, perfect for pairing with non-religious displays featuring snowmen, snowflakes, icicles, polar bears and other fun characters. Ironically, we always see a lot of snow-themed blue and white Christmas decorations in warm climate areas. Many people dream of a white Christmas, but they live in a snow-free area. It’s no problem when you can create your own snowy illusion with Christmas decorations! Think of decking the halls with snowfall tubes, LED snowflake displays and foldable spheres.

snow and icicle christmas light decorations

Blue and white Christmas lights are a fantastic departure from the traditional combinations of red, green and gold. We think they give a Christmas displays a modern look that make your home stand out from the more traditional-décor houses on your street. Combine the icy colors with cool animations, such as dripping icicle lights, for an extra special effect.

Curious about what shade of white lights to use? Luckily, blue Christmas lights look stunning with any variety of white Christmas lights as long as you are consistent (and don't mix shades). Cool white and pure white lights will enhance the icy color palette created with blue lights. Warm white lights, on the other hand, will gently contrast with the cool blue lights, creating stunning harmony and balance to your display. You can also opt for strands that feature blue and white lights that strobe, twinkle, fade or change colors, resembling the effect of glistening snow.

Pre-Decorated Blue and Silver Christmas Decorations

Beyond LED lights, blue and silver is a popular theme choice for ornaments and decorations. Adorn your artificial Christmas greenery with blue and silver ornaments to complete your cool, contemporary color palette. Pre-decorated Christmas wreaths and garlands have gorgeous blue and silver ornaments that tie the look together. Matte, glitter and shiny ornament finishes add texture and dimension that bounce the light off every branch, bringing the greenery to life.

blue and silver decorated wreaths and garlands

Different Shades of Blue in Christmas Decorations

Most people think of a rich, royal blue when decorating for a Christmas theme. But if you desire a specific color such as aqua, teal or sky blue, consider purchasing some Twinkly lights that can be fully customized. With over 16 million unique color combinations, you can use the effects gallery and color selector to find the perfect blue and white animation for your Twinkly RGB lights.

blue and white twinkly christmas lights

By the way, think about keeping your blue and white lights handy all year long. Combine them with a touch of red and you’ve got the perfect décor for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, and any other occasion that calls for some patriotic flair. You can use retrofit bulbs and C7/C9 light line to change up your look for the season or occasion, or stock up with some wide angle conical light strands that will illuminate your entertainment areas.

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