One of winter’s hottest styles is its coldest—snow. A coating of winter’s light fluffy stuff in Christmas displays gives a feeling unlike any other, evoking images of iconic winter portraits and beautiful tundra vistas. Snow effortlessly brings charm to any area, which is why it’s an amazing addition to your seasonal or holiday display. And we’re here to help you get decorating with artificial snow and snow-themed decorations so that your winter display is a sight to behold.

house decorated with disney frozen themeArtificial snow products abound for enchanting your indoor spaces with winter’s unique embrace. They’re helpful for importing a winter atmosphere that feels just right in a region that doesn’t get snow. And even if you live where it snows every winter, snow-themed products are still great for accentuating the wintertime vibes. Blanket snow, big snowflakes decorations, and falling snow tubes are just a few of the seasonally suitable decorations you can add to your winter-themed display.

We’ll cover snow-themed products and decorations that will help you cover the areas of your business or home—or both—with the magic of this wintry coating from the ground up. But before we begin, let’s determine…

The Perfect Palette for Snow

The look and feel of snow, whether real or decoration, is significantly complemented by a certain color palette. Warm white and pure white are fantastic tones that can span the entirety of your display by themselves, or they can be combined into a cohesive mix. Blue and teal colors are also popular pairings in a theme that draws out tones of cool winter chill. Proceed with one or a pair of these colors, and you’ll build a fine arrangement that brings the decorative elements below together.

white christmas lights vs winter christmas lightsArtificial Snow

Blanket Snow

Here’s your ticket to creating a winter wonderland right in the comfort of the warm indoors, which makes this a stellar choice for creating displays regardless of the region you’re in.

Create lovely holiday displays with blanket snow as the foundation: idyllic Christmas villages with miniature trains, buildings, and people; a slice of the North Pole complete with presents and Santa’s workshop; or tranquil nature scenes that feature trees, snow themed designs, and lit reindeer.

Blanket snow is useful for beautifying your space by covering up the less attractive spots, such as unsightly floors, cords, and other things you’d like to keep behind the curtain so to speak.

Scatter Flakes

Scatter flakes are one of the most interesting ingredients you can add to a wintry display. They provide pretty shimmer and fluffy volume when laid out. And falling flakes done well in a harmonious display can take the breath away. Our scatter flakes have a lightweight, natural appearance that invites the eyes.

Mix regular and iridescent flakes for a rich dimensional look. Combine scatter flakes with snow blankets for rich winter scenes that set the stage for winter cheer!

Worried about mess? Scatter flakes are a breeze to sweep or vacuum up. And they can be reused for future displays, making them a consistently useful asset for each seasonal spectacle you create.

Hanging Decorations

LED Rope Light Snowflakes

The brightest snowflakes around, LED rope light snowflakes are loved for their beautiful shape and shine that enlivens large rooms and sets wonderful contrast against the night sky. They’re sure to shine brightly above your display, lifting your snow-themed decorating to the perfect heights.

The snow designs in big snowflakes decorations are a winter favorite because they’re the perfect symbol for representing the season. They can be enjoyed by all, no matter the holiday or religion. Big snowflakes decorations are versatile: they can be put up from ceilings or in trees, and can also be zip tied to fences, bridges, and marquis signs. For instance, hang your snowflakes above the lobby of your business as a stunning centerpiece that invites the warmth of the Christmas spirit, or on fence to impress along the sidewalks outside of your building.

Let’s explore your options in big snowflakes decorations…

lit snowflake decorationsFrost Snowflake

For a familiar styling to your snow-themed decorating, crown your arrangement with the Frost Snowflake. Its traditional pattern is great for a retro style arrangement, but can certainly bolster the presentation of any snowy display.

Aspen Snowflake

The Aspen Snowflake is bold but refined. Onlookers will enjoy the mesmerizing motif of this big snowflake, set alight with brilliant, high quality LED lights.

Star Snowflake

A delightful layout of diamonds that shines just like them too. The Star Snowflake is creative yet classic, and has a pleasing appearance that’s perfect for all sorts of applications.

Winter Snowflake

Consider the Winter Snowflake for a modern take on celebrating winter’s white adornments. It combines design elements of the Frost and Star Snowflake to bring together the best of both worlds.

Light Tubes

Tubes can dazzle with a dynamic sense of movement in a winter-themed arrangement. The source for introducing light tubes into your arrangement is empty socket light line, and the best way to place them is among C9 retrofit bulbs.

Falling Snow Tubes

Falling snow tubes are great for building up the brilliance in your winter display. They contain top of the line Pro Christmas™ lights in a sequential orientation that produce cascades of light, giving a creative effect for falling snow.

LED Icicle Drop Tubes

Icicle tubes capture the natural appearance of icicles in eye-catching shine. They’re usually best for an arrangement that’s primarily comprised of pure white or blue colors.  You have two choices for your icicle drop tubes: animated or steady (there’s no rule against choosing both, though).

falling icicle tube lightsAnimated tubes show striking movement that’s sure to draw attention in your arrangement for all the right reasons. Steady tubes shine continuously, which can be used to create lush artificial snowscapes. As an alternative to icicles, consider using LED curtain lights for a different flavor of snowscape in which light pours from above or surrounds. Incorporate either icicles or curtains with big snowflakes decorations for the ultimate lit snow display in your home or business.

Bonus: Flocked Trees and Greenery

Flocked Christmas Trees

Bring the serenity of a calm winter forest to your indoor spot with a flocked Christmas tree. Branches powdered in artificial snow are patterned out in spectacular fashion to create a welcoming tree that will stand proud in your winter display.

christmas tree with artificial snowFlocked Wreaths

A gorgeous flocked wreath is the perfect decoration for placing in or around your winter display. As a welcome for guests or to tie a picturesque arrangement together, the flocked wreath speaks a fashionable appeal to winter tradition.

Flocked Garlands

These are perfect for wrapping around railings or lining entryways to the room that contains your snowy display. Guests will love the detail that this wintry greenery adds to your comprehensive snow-themed arrangement.

Artificial snow and snow-themed products, such as blanket snow and big snowflakes decorations, will have you bringing the wonder of winter into your indoor space—whether you live in a warm locale that could use a display reflecting the season, or you want to celebrate the beauty of snowfall where you live.

big LED snowflake displaysGot questions on how to put it all together? Or do you want other details on seasonal decorating that we didn’t mention here? Let’s get to the bottom of it together! Email us at or call 1-800-391-5280 today.