Since their introduction, LED icicle Christmas lights have become one of the most popular types of Christmas lighting. But in truth, LED icicle lights are great for creating innovative and eye-catching décor at any time of the year.

Icicle Christmas light sets are composed of short strings of M5 mini-bulbs dangling down from a mainline. The strings of bulbs vary in lengths; mimicking the random sizes of natural icicles hanging from a rooftop perimeter. LED icicle light sets are available in a wide selection of colors, and like most other Christmas lights, warm white icicles are the most popular choice. But more people are inclined to explore the pure white color option with icicles than other light styles, as they really help achieve a chilling resemblance. Icicles are created with M5 mini-bulbs that are faceted, giving each bulb a sparkling, diamond-like aura. Some of the strands have a twinkling effect, resembling how real-life icicles will gleam and drip in the moonlight.

icicle christmas lights in day and nightHow People Decorate With Icicle Lights

A popular way to display icicle lights is by stringing a series along the perimeter of an outdoor rooftop, as they can be attached to gutters and shingles. Outside, icicle lights are also often used to decorate stairs, fence lines, deck railings. For indoor applications, icicle lights are beautiful on stair railings, wall perimeters, and anywhere that looks beautiful with a "fringe lighting" effect. Whether decorating an indoor or outdoor display, icicle lights lend a winter wonderland touch to your Christmas décor.

Using Icicle Lights Outside of Christmas Displays

While there's no doubt that icicle lights can provide the perfect finishing touch for Christmas displays, there are lots of other ways to use these dangling, versatile lights. Unlike the tidy and orderly appearance of light strings and C7/C9 light line, icicle lights look staggered, clustered and romantic from a distance. They're commonly used for restaurants, wedding décor and special event occasions at home. Like ethereal fairytale lighting, white icicle lights create a magical sight for entertainment venues. When you hang icicle lights along the rafters and ceiling lines of event centers, hotel ballrooms and downtown entertainment halls, the space is transformed with soft, enchanting lighting.

But don't stop indoors... patio pergolas, decks and stairways are the perfect place to hang outdoor icicle lights. Think of them as a smart solution to introduce soft, pleasant outdoor lighting in your most popular entertainment areas. Icicle lights along your stairs can help people see in the dark and add safety and security along the walk. Just use your imagination, and you'll come up with a vast amount of ways to use icicle lights all year long.

icicle lights for weddingDIY Ideas: Decorating With Icicle Lights

  • Tissue-Paper Flowers: Create large flowers made of multi-colored tissue paper, and set aglow from within with icicle lights.
  • Hula-Hoop Chandelier: Want a quick and easy way to elegantly light up an evening outdoor party or picnic? Just attach some icicle lights to the perimeter of a hula-hoop, and suspend above the table. Lends a whimsical yet opulent air to an outdoor gathering.

Might As Well Keep Those Icicle Christmas Lights Busy All Year Long…

The M5 bulbs used in LED icicle lights are tough and durable. They're made of one-piece construction like all of our LED string lights, so each bulb is sealed against dirt and moisture. This protects the inner workings of the bulb against corrosion and other damage.

icicle lights in Christmas displayAnd since each bulb is rated to last for an estimated 75,000 hours, each set of LED icicle lights you buy will last for a long, long time. That's more than 3,000 days of continuous burning! It's a good thing that these little lights can be used in so many different ways. It'll help you to wring every penny's worth of value out of every set you buy.

So consider it a challenge to keep your LED icicle lights lit-up year-round in lots of different displays. We've given you a few starter ideas to prime the pump. What other ways can you think of to use your LED icicle lights?