LED Christmas lights are great for celebrating all seasons.

According to an old song (and an even older book of the Bible), "to everything, there is a season." That age-old wisdom also applies to modern LED lighting. For every season, there are colors that are most particularly appropriate. After all, we associate certain sights, sounds, and moods with each of the four seasons; the same is true of colors.

Spring: Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. The colors associated with spring are the gentle pastels of springtime blossoms like yellow and pink. The bright green that symbolizes the vibrancy and vigor of newly sprouted leaves and grasses. And light, pure blue, the color of robins' eggs and skies scoured clean of winter's drab grays.

Summer: The promise of spring fulfilled. Springtime blossoms yield sugary-sweet fruit in a rainbow's array of colors: golden-yellow pears, glossy-purple plums, ruby-red apples, violet-blue blueberries. And all of nature glows with the emerald-green hue of plants eagerly lapping up the abundant energy of summertime's bright-white sun.

Fall: Like a restful evening's pause after a long and wearying day, fall is a time when nature relaxes in preparation for wintertime slumber. As if dressing for one last celebration of the season of growth, nature garbs herself in a delightful kaleidoscope of colors. Fiery oranges and reds, goldenrod-yellows, and russet-browns transform fields and forests into a breathtaking display of nature's splendor.

Winter: A time of rest and slumber as nature renews herself in anticipation of the coming spring. Crystalline fields of snow sparkle brilliant white in shafts of sunlight angled low across the horizon. Warm white light from rooms kept snug and warm glow cheerily through frosted windowpanes. Icicles dangle delightfully from eaves, glimmering in the sun like frozen streams of a molten diamond. And fat white snowflakes glow in the moonlight like otherworldly orbs as they gently fall to earth.

Celebrate the Season with LED Lights

LED Christmas lights are great for celebrating any time of the year - not just the holiday season.

The many different styles of LED lights are also great for customizing seasonal displays. Mini-lights like wide-angle conicals or M5s for symbolizing the colorful breaking buds of springtime. Big and bold C9s for summertime living-large. Plump G12s mimicking fruits and berries ripe for fall harvests. And dangling chains of dainty LED icicle lights for winter.

Though we call them Christmas lights, that's really a bit of a misnomer. Because for each turn of the season, there's a compliment of LED colors and styles perfectly suited for celebrating that season.