LED becoming more popular

LED light adoption has increased by a double from the figure from just a couple of years ago. Two-thirds of Americans have purchased LED lights for some part of their home, whether it is for the lights in the rooms, Christmas lights, or other uses. Osram Sylvania conducts a Socket Survey yearly to check on the lighting habits of Americans. According to the seventh annual Socket Survey by Osram Sylvania, the shifting perception of consumers is the reason for this huge increase. In fact, more people were aware of the term “LED”, than “halogen” or “CFL" (compact fluorescent lights).


LEDs Save Energy

The reason for the switch is not just the lower energy use and Energy Star approval that LEDs are known for. Consumers are also purchasing them over compact fluorescent and incandescent lights, due to the bright color and shine of the bulbs. Even for general illumination in the home, the tide is turning in favor of LED lights, although CFLs continue to dominate. This could quickly flip-flop, however, and LEDs could be on top.

They are priced less than the CFLs, but the price is not the main determinant for consumers. They want bulbs that shine bright, and that will last for a long time, and this is an area where LEDs shine in more ways than one.

CFLs Still Sell More

While a little more than half of the surveyed people said that they purchased a CFL over the last 12 months, LEDs were coming up quickly at 41%. In addition, this survey was done before all of the major brands sent out their LED bulbs. The LED lights are priced less than the CFLs and may cause the tide to turn in LED lights’ favor in terms of purchasing.

Consumers Need More Information

M5 LED Christmas Lights

While the survey notes that LED lights are becoming more popular, there is some misinformation about LEDs. The most important source of information for consumers is the displays and products themselves, as this is largely where they get the knowledge that they need.

With more information and more availability, LED lights are continuing to grow in popularity. According to the survey, consumer usage is gradually going up and this is sure to continue with the increased availability by major brands. General lighting, as well as Christmas lighting, is moving into a new and better place. Shine on.