Commercial Christmas trees are used primarily by businesses and municipalities, and they have a different mission to fulfill than private Christmas trees. That’s why RGB lighting and animated Christmas trees are the perfect solutions for municipalities and organizations trying to upgrade their Christmas light display. When you use the Majestic Mountain Pine, you won’t merely be opting for a cute animated Christmas tree. You’ll be signing up for the most advanced tree animation on the market. Yes, both commercial Christmas trees and the tree in your home portray the spirit of Christmas. Yes, both commercial and residential trees give people the warm fuzzies about the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, both the tree in your home and the tree at your business can evoke a sense of wonder and joy. But your commercial Christmas tree must accomplish more. It needs to draw attention from your customers in a way that brightens their mood. It must draw visitors to your city, or bring customers into your business. That's the true purpose of a commercial Christmas tree. RGB technology is suited to fulfill that responsibility better than any technology in the history of Christmas trees.

What Is RGB Lighting?

By now, everyone reading this article has likely heard of the benefits of LED lighting technology. It saves energy, it’s more durable, and it requires less maintenance. However, you might not have heard of RGB lighting and its applications for commercial Christmas lights. These lights attract attention and customers while simultaneously implementing commercial-grade capabilities. Putting RGB lights on your Christmas tree captures and holds your customers’ attention. If you're not familiar with RGB technology, here's how it works: Each bulb contains a red, green, and blue LED - the basic building-block colors. Illuminating varied combos of those primary colors within a single bulb can create many different colors. So in effect, RGB Christmas lights can turn your commercial Christmas tree into a completely different-looking tree at a whim. It's as if the tree becomes an animated, living thing, delighting spectators (prospective customers!) with an endless array of unique color displays. Our new animated RGB Majestic Mountain Pine is that tree. The real attention-grabbing magic of this tree lies in its RGB technology. Our tree features Minleon’s RGB 360 Module Light Strings. Before RGB technology came along, commercial Christmas trees would sometimes be strung with 3 or 4 different light sets. Switching from one light set to another could give the tree a new look to help hold peoples' attention. Our RGB Majestic Mountain Pine animated Christmas tree offers dozens of different color combos, patterns, and designs from a single light set. You can also customize it from 3-20 meters according to your requirements. And the animation controllers that come with the tree make it easy to choose and program the display sequences you want.

What Is RGB Color?

RGB is an acronym for the colors red, green, and blue. You might wonder how RGB lights can achieve over 16 million colors. The answer is that each of the base colors in RGB lighting has numerous different shades (over 250 to be exact) and when you mix and match these shades, the color combinations are nearly limitless.

How Does RGB LED Work?

As discussed, an RBG LED is an LED package that produces nearly any color. You can use these types of lights in nearly any setting: decoration lighting, stage lighting designs, home decorative lighting, LED matrix displays, and, of course, commercial lighting applications for Christmas trees. Color isn’t the only thing you can configure in RGB lights. You can also configure the intensity of each LED. The result is brilliant light displays, setting blue lights to the least intensity or setting the red lights to the most intensity. The final way you can control your RGB LED lighting application is through the RGB controller. You can create a specific array of colors by selecting specific color mixes and turning off others. For example, you can create a purple color by winding up the red and blue channels and turning down the green channel.

How Can You Control RGB LED Lights?

One of the most glaring benefits of the RGB Animated Christmas tree is that you can control its many displays using one of five different controller methods.

Single-Zone RGB LED Controllers

The first method of controlling your Animated tree is with an RGB LED single-zone controller.  These units come with a receiving unit that goes between your power and the RGB strips. You control the lights with a hand-held device from up to 20 meters away.

Wifi/Bluetooth Multi-Zone Smart RGB Controllers

You can also use Smart RGB Controllers with your Majestic Mountain Pine animated Christmas tree. These controllers give you the option to dim your lights if you’re looking for more advanced options. The multiple zone feature also lets you connect to multiple receivers, meaning you can control two Majestic Mountain Pine animated Christmas trees for a truly extravagant display.

DMX Controllers for RGBs

DMX controllers are primarily reserved for more extensive RGB light displays. They help commercial light displays achieve up to 16.7 million different colors, which is obviously excessive for one Christmas tree. If you have very specific color specifications DMX controllers might be useful for your Majestic Mountain Pine animated Christmas tree.

Benefits to the Majestic Mountain Pine Animated Christmas Tree

Easy Installation and Operation

Our animated RGB Majestic Mountain Pine is the most advanced commercial Christmas tree on the market. And yet it may be the easiest tree to install. That's because the tree was designed from the beginning for simplified installation. We make it simple to take full advantage of the tree's capabilities by eliminating the need for programming or complex wiring. All electrical cords, animation controllers, and power supply boxes are included with the tree. And our easy-to-follow instructions make set-up a breeze. The tree is fully UL/CSA rated for indoor/outdoor use, and is available in heights ranging from 12' to 50'.

One of the Highest Performance Trees On the Market

Unlike the Christmas tree, you'll have in your home this year, your commercial Christmas decorations are all about drawing attention and customers to your business. Or if you're purchasing the tree for your municipality, its job is to attract visitors to your city while delighting them and subtly encouraging them to linger a while longer. That's why you invest money in a commercial Christmas tree. And that's why the tree you purchase should be purpose-designed to fulfill that role. Christmas Designer's animated RGB Majestic Mountain Pine represents a new generation of commercial Christmas trees. It's a tree that's specifically designed to deliver the benefits you're seeking from a commercial Christmas tree. The tree's RGB technology offers more 'WOW' factor than any other Christmas tree. And that makes the RGB Majestic Mountain Pine the most mission-capable commercial Christmas tree on the market.

Endless Color Options

Color LED lighting is perfect for large commercial displays that attract your customers. Since they have so many color options, branding on your RGB animated Majestic Mountain Pine animated Christmas tree is easy. If you can’t find the color of your heart’s desire, it’s not because the Majestic Mountain Pine doesn’t have it. The color you want simply doesn’t exist.

Less Heat

US fire departments report an average of 160 home fires per year with an average of $10 million. The Majestic Mountain Pine animated Christmas tree uses RGB lighting, so you don’t have to worry about potential fire hazards. When you use these lighting options, you protect your business from losses down the road.

Conclusion- RGB Animated Majestic Mountain Pine: The Ultimate Animated Christmas Tree

RGB lighting is the wave of the future. Businesses can protect themselves from sustaining damages, give themselves unmatched customization, and make installation easy with the Majestic Mountain Pine. Christmas Designers is here for all of your residential and commercial Christmas light needs. Regardless of the extravagance of your display, we have an effective solution for your needs in our inventory. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits Christmas Designers can bring to your business.