It's hard to go wrong with Fairy Lights. You'd be hard-pressed to find another type of decorative light set that is more diverse and has such a wide appeal when it comes to home decorating and accent lighting applications. Those tiny little fairy bulbs pack a lot of punch. At less than 1/8" in size, these seemingly delicate micro lights are actually some of the toughest lights we've ever worked with. Christmas lights are of course the cornerstone of our business and fairy lights have countless uses during the holidays. But beyond the holidays is where the magic of fairy lights really comes in. With a sprinkling of fairy lights, you can instantly liven up an otherwise dull fireplace mantel. Add color to a less than exciting centerpiece, or spruce up a patio with a scattering of fairy lights. Take a look at our video with a few of the many ways of using fairy lights to decorate around the home.

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