One of our favorite ways to install professional looking C7 and C9 perimeter light line is with LiteClip Strips. LiteClip strips consist of 5' plastic strips that are permanently attached with adhesive, staples, or screws. Once the strips have been installed, you simply clip on the appropriate size clip for fast perimeter lighting installations year after year. Clips are available in C7, C9, or mini light sizes. We use LiteClip Strips on both high-end commercial job sites as well as residential properties. The first year's installation does take a bit longer, but once the strips are up, future installations are incredibly fast. Whether you are a pro installer or just looking for an easier way to install lights around the perimeter of your home, LiteClip Strips are an ideal solution. Take a moment to watch the video below for a more in-depth look at both the strips and clips.