It can be so difficult to find winter decorations that don't shout Christmas. Here are a few ideas around the house for tasteful after-Christmas winter decorations.

Winter Home Decor

Winter Decorations Winter Decorations from The House of Smiths


Winter Mantle Decorations Winter Mantle Decorations


Winter Tablescape Winter Tablescape


Winter Mudroom Winter Mudroom

Winter Vases

Vases make fantastic decor items because they can be placed anywhere around the house like the mantel, dining room table, coffee table, and dressers. Whether you fill your vase with baubles, rocks, flowers, or other decorations, a vase is a perfect accent to any home.

Winter Vase Winter Vase


Winter Scene in a Vase Winter Scene in a Vase


Winter Vases Winter Vases from The Budget Decorator


Sweater Vases Sweater Vases

Winter Wreaths After Christmas

After you take down the traditional fresh or prelit Christmas wreath, you don't need to leave the door blank. Depending on where you live, you can find snowflake and mitten themed wreaths for the cold weather outside or a simple rustic feel with evergreens or woodland animals.

Winter Wreath Winter Wreath from DIY Inspired


Silver Winter Wreath Silver Winter Wreath


Black Winter Wreath Black Winter Wreath


Winter Owl Wreath Winter Owl Wreath


Snowflake Wreath Snowflake Wreath