Keeping your home or office glowing throughout the holiday isn’t that difficult. In fact, there are many simple and creative indoor string lights ideas that can stay in place during and between the holidays. These looks can be permanent fixtures of your interior décor that keep your home illuminated, warm, and stylish throughout the entire year. Who ever said that your Christmas tree lights have to stay on your tree? Certainly not us. 

In this blog, we’re sharing some ideas on how you can bring your outdoor lighting inside with Christmas string lights to instantly transform your home, office, or any other space that needs more light. Not only will Christmas string lights brighten up your indoor space, but using them after the holidays can make you feel good about getting more bang for your buck from these classic and versatile Christmas decorations.

Christmas Designers is your top choice for pro-grade Christmas decorations, including Twinkly Pro lights, LED string lights, animated RGB lights, and a wide selection of outdoor Christmas lights and holiday decorations. No matter your plans for your seasonal holiday display, we have the products and information to help you create the best Christmas yet.

Here are some easy installations to get you going and glowing:

string lights for indoor decoratingClassic String Light Zigzag

The Christmas lights canopy is a classic lighting display given a major twist when brought indoors. Whether used in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, take advantage of high ceilings or rooms without traditional overhead lighting sources by using this method to bring string lights to your interior décor. Globe string lights are ideal for providing soft light and a starry appearance for any room in your home.

Light Wall Displays

Unconventional yet charming, a string light wall fixture can brighten up your blank walls or your most elaborate wall displays. Wind them around pictures, shelves, and other wall art to make your walls shine. String lights can transform even the simplest walls in your home into an engaging and colorful gallery that shows off some of your favorite artwork, photographs, or features.

Wrapped Lights

Turn even the most average objects in your home into decorative eye-catchers with wrapped string lights. You can create your own dramatic light fixtures in nearly any room in your home. This string light décor idea is great for brightening up spaces and corners that need a little extra light. We all know how to wrap a tree in lights, but what about vases, plants, sculptures, or other features throughout your home or office?

indoor string light ideas

Light Up Your Dorm Room or Apartment

For college students working with limited space and budget, string lights can be the perfect answer for decorating your dorm room when it’s time to hit campus. Colorful LED string lights can bathe your dorm room with a fun and creative energy that will make your space stand out from the rest of the dormitory. If you have a roommate, string lights are ideal for offering just enough light if your roommate is asleep and you’re still up studying.

wall lights in bedroomString Light Doorways

Instantly turn any door into an enchanting entryway with a few lines of Christmas string lights. Position your string lights around the door frame to add an appealing touch to any room in your home. String lights for bedrooms for the kids is an easy and fun way to let your children keep the spirit of the holidays throughout the entire year.

Light Up Your Windows

String lights also work great for framing your windows of any size. Simply drape the lights around the outer edges of your window and you’ll have a unique lighting feature to show off to the rest of the neighborhood. Icicle lights are ideal as after Christmas decorations, and can be a great way to cast a warm white glow throughout the entirety of the winter season.

Bring Your String Lights Indoors

The lighting pros at Christmas Designers are here to help you create a magical holiday display this year. And when the holidays are over, we can help you repurpose your Christmas string lights throughout your indoor space to keep your spirits bright throughout the entire year. Who said that you have to pack away your Christmas lights after the holidays?

With an unmatched selection of commercial Christmas lights and indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations, including Twinkly Home lights, we have everything you could possibly need to stand out this holiday season and transform your home or office.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions at any time, or visit us online to learn more about our full selection of pro-grade Christmas lights and holiday decorations. Feel free to call us at (855) 464-6665 or check out our YouTube channel for more ways to create an unforgettable holiday display.