DIY tricks and tips that can turn ordinary into extraordinary.

CraftLightingIdeasWhen it comes to craft lighting, the options are endless. But before we dive into fun craft lighting activities, you may be asking yourself just what craft lighting is.

Simply put, craft lighting is any project or decorative piece that uses lighting.

It’s hard to define what exactly constitutes craft lighting other than the fact that it is used for something crafty rather than its intended purpose. Generally, when we think of craft lighting we go to the traditional incandescent mini Christmas lights. However, in any craft we highly recommend LED over incandescent because of durability and lower temperature. We also recommend Micro Drop lighting. Micro drop lighting is craft lighting of the future. Its sleek design makes it easy to use and it looks like lighting out of a fairy tale. It very flexible and can wrap around almost any surface or space without sacrificing light making it perfect for any “crafty” lighting decoration.

The Fun Stuff: Craft Lighting Ideas

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes browsing through Pinterest you have seen the shabby chic mason jars filled with lights. It is projects such as these that are the essence of craft lighting by taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. With cool craft ideas like these adorable jars of light, you can use them for just about any venue or place and event events. Whether it’s a wedding or your back porch, craft ideas such as this can make any event shine.

Let’s not restrict craft lighting to just mason jars though, here is a list of other functional and decorative tips for craft lights:

  1. Marquis Canvas: This unique DIY looks as if it was bought at a specialty light store but in reality only takes minutes to make!. A little bit of glue, paint and mini Christmas lights will give you a beautiful talking piece for your home. Need more detailed instructions? Be sure to check it out here.
  2. Tomato Cage: Tomato cages are not just for tomatoes anymore. Tomato cages make perfect Christmas Trees when wrapped in Christmas lighting. Though the lighting size is dependent on the size of your cage, this is a perfect way to keep tomato cages relevant in the winter months.
  3. Holispheres: Holispheres are a beautiful touch to your outdoor décor for the holiday season or on your porch year round. You can buy these beautiful balls of light here: or you can simply wrap any size lighting you choose over the metal wiring. Battery operated lights are ideal for this project simply because they hang and you don’t have to worry about hiding cords
  4. Holiday Décor: Using candles in pumpkins is a thing of the past But battery operated mini lights are in! These battery operated mini lights can not only give you peace of mind when it comes to safety but you can also customize the light illuminating inside. You can also use craft lighting for:
    • Scary Ghost Lantern
    • Glass Snowman
    • Ornament Shadow Box
    • Valentines Heart

    Click here to see these and more examples:

  5. Jars, Bottles & Lanterns: Using craft lighting for Jars, bottles or lanterns can be tricky (because glass is involved) but has become a huge staple for décor in homes and venues. Typically, you’ll have to drill a hole in the side of the glass in order to “thread” the lights through. Battery lights can be a useful tool if the opening of the centerpiece you’re using is wide enough to fit the battery pack. Check out these step by step instructions.

Craft lighting is a beautiful and unique decorating tool in any space. It creates an ambience that can only be matched by candle light but is less of a safety hazard and more versatile. Do you have a creative light craft idea that wasn’t on our list? Share below! We would love to hear from you.

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