Christmas Designers is Moving On Up!

Remember the theme song of that old TV show, The Jeffersons? "We're moving on up…"

Well, we're about to move on up, too.

But not to a dee-luxe apartment in the sky. Instead, we're moving to a big, spacious new warehouse - 50,000 square feet worth of space. With room to expand to 75,000 feet.

New Warehouse From our Operations Manager, Jill Chase: "This move will not only more than double our square footage, but thanks to the higher ceilings, we’re actually tripling our usable cubic footage. This will allow us to significantly expand the number of skus that we’re offering our customers."

It's not going to be a long move; just a hop and a skip from our current location. And still located in the city of Sherman, Texas.

We're also going to be able to have a 3,000 square foot showroom at the new location. We’re excited!

It's Been Quite a Journey

If you've just become a customer in the past few years, you might not know how we got our start. Christmas Designers started from the back of a Uhaul truck in 1979. That was in South Florida. At that time we were focused on offering professional Christmas light installation services.

We developed quite a reputation in our field. Some of our holiday designs and installations became world-famous. We've been contracted to install Christmas lights and decorations for entire cities. That part of our business is still going strong, and is headquartered in Florida.

But in 2009, we expanded into eCommerce, selling top-quality Christmas lights and decorations. And the growth in that part of our business has been absolutely explosive.

Jason Woodward, our director of eCommerce, said, "This is our 3rd move in 5 years. But our growth has been so incredible that space limitations have continued to cause significant challenges for us."

Jason also said that the new warehouse will give us nearly 4 times the capacity we have now.

This Move is Your Fault, You Know…

Yes, you. You're to blame.

This move is necessary because you and all of your fellow Christmas Enthusiasts have been such great customers.

And we thank you!

We thank you for your enthusiastic love of Christmas. We thank you for choosing our products over other alternatives, like those the big box stores sell (we know we're not the cheapest - only the best). And we're grateful and humbled that so many Christmas Enthusiasts worldwide have chosen us as their go-to source for holiday décor.

We even have customers routinely show up at our facility after driving hundreds of miles just to buy in person! That kind of customer loyalty inspires us to strive to serve you even better.

And this move will help us to do that. Jason said that this move will enable "better pricing, faster shipments, and improved overall service for our customers."

So in a sense, all of our Christmas Enthusiast friends will be moving right along with us up to that new dee-luxe warehouse!